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wtorek, 15 czerwca 2021


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Temat postu: Thank You - Genealodzy & a v stellar ancestry volunteer  PostWysłany: 06-05-2021 - 03:04

Dołączył: 19-01-2021
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My sooooooooo missed Mother's Father came from Tarnowitz, Upper Silesia. Her beloved Mother remarried and though my Mother came to love her Stepfather, my real Grandfather was very rarely discussed.

Unbeknown to me, towards the end, my Mummy looked offline for her Father's ancestry (bless her, she was no computer queen and, now there is more growing documentation online). After guttingly Mummy died, while I was meticulously clearing the treasured family home, I sadly discovered, through her half sister, Mummy had attained her Father's birth certificate, who was born in Rybna (a municipality of Tarnowitz, Upper Silesia, Prussia now, Poland) which revealed his parents names.

Thereafter, I took on her quest, but also for myself.

Since 2014, I have been searching my grandfather's Polish ancestry to little success. Moreover, I paid circa 180 Euro by an online ancestry seeker/robber for info I already had Sad

- database - thank you so much! I pay so much for but your database has given me essential info... for free!

- forum - thank you so much! You name a Polish archive, I have written to them. On a tispey night out, I wrote a message on your forum and didn't expect a reply. BRAVO!

- a STELLAR forum volunteer - he is so humble, I can not write his name:( I CAN NOT thank him so truly much. From this true, sweet gent, he:
----- helped me comprehensively trace the (v complicated) Baingo's
----- cleverly discovered a surname change
----- persevered by continuously finding new info
----- has meticulous attention to detail (tracing ancestors, ensuring
my website page & ancestry tree is up-to-date)
----- connected me to... a unknown lovely POLISH relative
----- has been so utterly kind, sweet and fun
I can't thank this lovely forum contributor enough Smile

From London/Edinburgh - thank you so much Genealodzy & my champion ancestry volunteer (I hope he reads this and let's me reveal his forum name so I can fully thank him Smile
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