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Frank_Ablass - 12-09-2019 - 18:57
Temat postu: looking for Ablass family

I‘m locking for the ancestors of my great-grandparents, who lived near the city Tomaszów (powiat: Tomaszów Mazowiecki; woiwodschaft: £ód¼) in Poland.

I hope you can help me, so that I find more information of the ancestors of my great-grandparents and I can add several family members to my ancestor collection.

Unfortunately, there are no evangelical church books after 1864 by Tomaszów.

Here are the direct link of the evangelical church books until 1864 by Tomaszów. ... p;zs=0345d

Here are the informations of my great-grandfather:
name: Gottfried Ablass
born: 22.01.1879 in Bratków
died: ?? before 18.09.1940 in Bratków

Here are the informations of my great-grandmother:
name: Lydia Fröhlich
born: 14.02.1889 in Dźbniak (powiat: Zgierski or Tomaszów Mazowiecki; woiwodschaft: £ód¼)
died: ?? before 18.09.1940 in Bratków

The descendants of my great-grandparents lived in Poland until 1940. Then they emigrated to Germany.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.
Frank Ablass
piotr_nojszewski - 13-09-2019 - 23:54
Temat postu: looking for Ablass family
Most of the books did not survive (or are lost during the war)
This link shows what is in the state archivesfor Tomaszow ev.records.
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