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SubbotaAnton - 06-08-2019 - 17:44
Temat postu: Y-DNA test for Sobota

I am admin of group "Subota" on FTDNA.

I try to test as many people with the surname "Saturday" as possible.

Of course, that surname sounds differently in different countries. So in Poland, it may be Sobota (Sobotka, Sobotta etc), in Serbia, it's Subotich, in Ukraine it's Subota, in Russia, it is Subbota etc.

Usually, I suggest people make Y-12 test, which is the cheapest one. It costs 59$ + 9$. It is still a good start to define haplogroup and compare 12 markers to other tested "Saturday" people. And when there are discounts it's possible to upgrade to 37/67 markers if it's interesting.

Sometimes I am ready to pay full price for namesakes, in case it's obvious that he (because I test the only male for the obvious reason of Y chromosome) hasn't enough money. Sometimes I pay 50% of the price. Of course, I prefer when people pay the whole price.

About me. I have quite a lot of information about surname Subota in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. I have some information about the history of this surname in Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia. I am happy to share this information with namesakes if they are interested.

I have a website, but it's in Russian only.

So if you have surname Sobota, or you know someone who has this surname, or someone who is interested to know more about this surname - please, let's contact. Only together we can do really great research about our surname.
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