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tinytot - 19-06-2019 - 20:21
Temat postu: Nowa Soł
A family member was born in Nowa Soł (Neu Salt) and is looking for information.
1) The address of her home when she was a baby. In 1995 it was still in a rural location as her mother and sister visited and met the new owner who kindly let them take photos, but her family have now died.
2) The address of her parents hairdressers salon (barbershop?) as a child

This would be 1940/1945.

Also is there any way of finding a list of people living in the town during that period? A voters register or similar?

I am going to Wrocław on holiday but want to visit Nowa Soł to take new photos for her just for the memories. I’m also planning on visiting the archives at Zielona Góra
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