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challinan - 04-06-2019 - 16:24
Temat postu: Help deciphering maiden name: Gojgel, Sacgel, and/or Sacqel

My 2nd great grandmother's maiden name only exists on the US death records of her children. I'm trying to figure out what it is. Any help would be appreciated. It appears as Gojgel, Sacgel, and/or Sacqel. Does that look/possibly sound like any Polish surname? Google searches have rendered no helpful information.

Many thanks,
HJedrzejuk - 04-06-2019 - 17:43
Temat postu: Help deciphering maiden name: Gojgel, Sacgel, and/or Sacqel
Hi Carolyn,
at first glance these are not a typical Polish surnames.
Have you checked in Facebook? ... or even Google: "Gojgel phone"
I have found Gojgel in Russia and in Germany .
Perhaps you can check in different places: ... ution_Maps
Please give us more details:
- what is the last name of yours grandpa?
- did you know where yours grandarents got married?
- where and when they died?
Have a good day!
challinan - 04-06-2019 - 20:28
Temat postu: Help deciphering maiden name: Gojgel, Sacgel, and/or Sacqel
Hi Hanna,

Thank you for answering! My 2nd gr-grandfather was Jozef Malanowski, which I understand to be a rare surname in Poland. His 4 children I know of were born in Golub, 1867-1882. I'd assume they married there, but unsure. I have no idea where they died. I only have 4 of their children in the US and I learned the parents names from the children's death certificates. I'd love to find records for all of them but have not had much luck.

The website you pointed out is terrific!

Thank you again,
zelezny - 04-06-2019 - 21:47
Temat postu:
Dear Carolyn,

The only proper maiden name of Joseph`s wife is Goergel (surname of German origin). Just make a note of that. Your 2nd Great-Grandmother`s name is Marianna - am I right?

Kind regards

challinan - 04-06-2019 - 22:23
Temat postu:
Yes, Janek, Marianna was her first name. Goergel looks close! I'm putting a note on her profile on Ancestry and will try searching with that name but I'm at a loss to find Catholic Golub records. I've found jewish ones though.

Thank you so much,
zelezny - 04-06-2019 - 22:43
Temat postu:
Dear Carolyn,

You can easily find Catholic Golub records ... %20Library
in Family History Centers

Kind regards

mmoonniiaa - 04-06-2019 - 23:03
Temat postu:
you can find Golub records online here: ... uery.query

Best regards,
mlszw - 04-06-2019 - 23:26
Temat postu:
Carolyn, the surname Malanowski is not as rare as you think. Here are the results of the search of the indexed records for this surname from this site: ... &op=se

And indexed records are just a small fraction of the total.

Also, keep in mind that the immigration officers twisted foreign surnames beyond imagination. So Gojgel (BTW the other possibilities you gave sound totally not Polish) might bear only distant resemblance of the original spelling.
challinan - 05-06-2019 - 11:38
Temat postu:
Thank you Janek.I guess I'll be on the road for this soon!

challinan - 07-06-2019 - 16:41
Temat postu:
Thank you all! I'm checking out all the resources. No luck yet though.

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